Tuesday, May 3, 2011

S.101 passed both chambers

The Senate yesterday concurred with the House proposal of amendment to this bill dealing with child support. Of special interest to family division practitioners is Section 2 which creates a child support enforcement study group to make recommendations for next year's sesison. Here is the authorizing language:

(a) A working group composed of the director of the office of child
support, the administrative judge, the commissioner of the department of
corrections, the executive director of the department of state’s attorneys and sheriffs, the defender general, and a representative of the family law division of the Vermont bar association shall develop recommendations and a legislative proposal regarding:
(1) how the state can assist willing obligors to comply with child support orders;
(2) the use of civil and criminal contempt and any other strategies for
unwilling obligors;
(3) an approach to address arrearages due to the custodial parent, both
the large amounts that will likely never be paid and the small amounts that
keep an obligor from being in compliance;
(4) the value of license suspension as it relates to child support
(5) the use of presumptive orders, alternatives, and strategies to develop an appropriate order when a noncustodial parent does not appear at a hearing;
(6) whether child support should continue to terminate at age 18 or
whether it should be extended if a child is still in college; and
(7) the feasibility of a family problem-solving docket that could address
issues of child support.
(b) The working group shall present its findings and recommendations to
the office of legislative council no later than November 1, 2011, and the
legislative council shall draft a bill implementing the proposal for
consideration by the senate and house committees on judiciary.

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