Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday January 26, 2016

By now those of you in the Probate and Trust, Family Law, Municipal Law and the Worker’s Comp Sections are well aware of the Supreme Court’s proposal to “lighten the load”. The draft, dated April 2015, makes many procedural changes, especially to review of initial decisions, and was widely panned by Section members. I’ve collected all those responses and will be delivering them, without attribution to the House Judiciary Committee when it begins to consider this issue a week from Thursday.
But that’s only the beginning; there will be other hearings. Many of those Section members have offered to testify, mostly in opposition to the proposals. I’ve reached out to VTAJ who worked with us last April to stop a change in the workers’ comp are; that proposal is back again. No, I can’t explain why. BTW, if you’re not a member of any of those Sections but do practice in those areas and want to learn more, you can do two things. First, join the Section on the VBA website and second, email me and ask for a copy of the proposals. Since it is not yet a bill I can only forward you the draft that I have in email format.
You should also know the VBA is working on the call center fiasco and will do whatever it takes to see that you are not forced to waste your time using that method of communication with court staff. Once again I’ve asked for the help of the trial bar through VTAJ and hopefully together our message will be heard.
Sorry that this update is so quick and so short; more as I know more.

Thanks for reading. 

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