Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays

It’s just about time for the legislature to return and for me to post regularly on this blog. But I wanted to update you on the recent election. When the new session convenes we will see 18 lawyer-legislators, 12 in the House and 6 in the Senate. Here’s the list. In the House: Betty Nuovo; Willem Jewett; Michele Kupersmith; Shap Smith; Duncan Kilmartin; Anne Donahue; Maxine Grad; Janet Ancel; Richard Marek; Sarah Buxton; Sandy Haas; and Tom Koch.
In the Senate we’ll see Bob Hartwell; Joe Benning; Sally Fox; Vince Illuzzi; Peg Flory; and John Campbell.
As you know by now taxes and restructuring the tax system will be high on the agenda in January. You have probably heard that the Blue Ribbon tax Structure Commission will be recommending the extension of the sales tax to services, while lowering the tax rate. Yes, as of right now, that will include legal services, at least some legal services. There is a long way to go to passing any legislation but it’s time for a heads up here; your business operations may have to undergo some fast changes. The VBA will be monitoring this issue and will keep you informed. Be prepared to be asked for help in contacting your representative or senator should I ask. Preserving access to justice for Vermonters has been a goal of the VBA for many years and now is not the time to make that access prohibitively expensive.
As always thanks for reading and following this blog. My best wishes for the holiday season.

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