Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today was the first day this week that I felt I had something worth reporting. If you follow what happens under the golden dome you’re aware that the House spent just about all week in floor debate. First it was the tax bill; then the health care reform bill was up next, keeping the House in session until 12:45AM today. third reading of health care will happen this morning followed by the appropriations bill later. The speaker anticipates a 9 or 10PM adjournment tonight. So, house committees really have not met. The Uniform Limited Cooperative Associations Act was up for consideration in House Commerce but that was delayed.
On the Senate side, Rich Cassidy was back on Tuesday to respond to some amendments to the Uniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act; then this morning Senator Illuzzi brought the Senate Judiciary Committee a host of amendments so extensive that they include re-titling the bill. This will no doubt cause some delay on the Senate side.
The licensed lender bill, S. 98, will also be delayed because an amendment, also by Senator Illuzzi; that sent the bill back to the Senate Finance Committee. The amendment can be found in today’s Senate Calendar on page 334.
Administrative Judge Amy Davenport and VBA Board member Amber Barber testified in the judiciary committee this morning on H. 88, the UCCJEA; both urged the legislature to act quickly on the bill.
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