Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The House General Affairs Committee returned to a bill we thought had seen its last days- H.57, the bill that would require energy ratings or energy audits before property could be sold. The results of the rating/audit would be delivered to the buyer before property could be sold and those results could be grounds for the buyer to cancel the contract of sale.
The VBA’s Property Law Section has been clear in its opposition to the bill and its harmful impact on conveyancing. The bankers’ and realtors’ associations oppose it. I don’t think this bill will move this session but it could well arise in January.It’s worth your keeping an eye on it and communicating with any of the members of that committee that you may know. Here is a list of members and contact information:
Head, South Burlington (862-2367)
Moran of Wardsboro (896-9408)
Savage of Swanton (868-3566)
Andrews of Rutland (747-6916)
Bouchard of Colchester (879-2522)
Ram of Burlington (881-4433)
Smith of New Haven (877-2712)
Stevens of Waterbury (244-4164)
The Joint Assembly on Retention is just finishing. Here are the results:
CJ Reiber 156-1
Dooley, J. 128-31
Johnson, J. 146-11
Skoglund, J. 149-7
Burgess, J. 155-1

The Superior Judge votes were:
Bent, J. 149-6
Corsones, J. 155-1
Devine, J. 151-5
DiMauro, J. 151-4
Eaton, J. 154-2
Kupersmith, J. 133-22
Levitt, J. 146-7
Rainville, J. 151-2
Wesley, J. 147-8

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