Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yesterday I notified members of the Property Law Section about H.272 and the Employment Law Section about H. 450. Both bills are worth reading if you occasionally dabble in these areas. Here is a link to 272: and here is the link to 450: . H.272 is a bill that would meet Fannie May’s requirement that each state have a statute regarding allocation of costs for maintenance of private roads. Testimony this morning in the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee revealed that some loans were denied due to the lack of a written agreement among the owners of a private road and the lack of a statute that governed. Existing written agreements would still control if this bill is passed. The bill codifies what the Vermont Supreme Court ruled in Hubbard v. Bolieau, 144 Vt. 373 (1984).
Hal Miller was scheduled to testify but had to be rescheduled due to illness. The Vermont Bankers’ Association President Chris D’Elia; rep. Willem Jewett; Peoples United loan officer Christy Mitchell; Vermont Association of Credit Unions President Joe Bergeron; Addison County Realtor Claire Wallace; and Vermont Mortgage Bankers’ Association President Jason Pidgeon all testified in overwhelming support of the bill.
I doubt the committee will be getting back to the bill this afternoon their calendar seems pretty full. More time is set aside for tomorrow morning. Actually, that conflicts with scheduling for the Senate Judiciary Committee when it returns to the UCCJEA- the child custody bill. I’ve been planning on being there tomorrow morning but will now try to divide my time and report back to you in the afternoon.
H.450 is being introduced today as a committee bill. That means it goes on the Notice Calendar for tomorrow and to Action on Friday, if it is not committed to another committee. Again, I’ll keep you posted as this moves along.
I’ll report when I have news. You should know that, as we approach the end of the session, much happens in the background and I either don’t have any news to share or I may not have news that I can share at that time. But I am keeping track of the issues and bills we’ve been concerned about. As always, thanks for reading.

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