Thursday, April 28, 2011

I’ve waited long enough to update this blog; so here’s where I think we are as of now. I really hoped to have some final actions on bills to report but, as often happens, we’re still going back and forth between chambers. For example, the House amended H. 88, the UCCJEA as I wrote last week but it’s still on the Senate calendar. I’m hoping to hear the Senate concur this afternoon. Also, in late March the Senate passed S. 101, the child support bill that reduces the surcharge from 12 to 6% and creates a working group to examine child support enforcement. The bill went to House Judiciary where everyone, including me, forgot about it. I remembered it yesterday; brought it to the attention of House Judiciary; the court administrator; the administrative judge; and OCS. Everyone supports it and this morning, at my request, the committee reviewed it and I hope it will be out later today.
Two bills of interest to members of the Property Law Section are S.98, the licensed lender bill and H. 272, the private roads maintenance bill. Again, I had hoped to report on passage of both but I can’t. S.98, which came to the House well after the crossover date remains in the House Rules Committee. H. 272 is still in the House Commerce Committee. Enactment of either this year is now doubtful.
Yesterday the Senate Finance Committee agreed to add VBA property lawyer to the committee that will study the energy rating/audit issue and whether it should be mandated and disclosed as part of a sale. This was the thrust of H. 57 which remains in the House General Committee. The study committee language will appear in H. 56, the energy bill. Finally, H.21, the Uniform Limited Cooperative Associations (now “mutual benefit enterprises”) remains in the Senate Finance Committee for consideration in 2012.
Sorry I don’t have better or more complete news right now. Thanks for reading.

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