Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Court Administrator made her presentation this morning to the House Appropriations Committee on the judicial branch FY18 budget request. The governor recommended an increase in the current year's amount and the court is requesting an additional almost $500K. Details can be found in the documents listed under Patricia Gabel on this page


To best understand their request and what the governor has agreed to fund, read the bottom two documents- the crosswalk and the summary. Today will no doubt be the only time the judicial branch gets the opportunity to present to House Appropriations before the budget is voted on. Of course, another opportunity exists when the bill goes to the Senate.

Tonight is the public hearing on alimony beginning at 5:30. Any family law practitioner with an interest in this issue and a position on whether to incorporate the guidelines as recommended by the Family Division Oversight Committee should try to appear. If that's not doable perhaps an email to the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee will help. Here's why you can find them; click on their names and it will bring up their emails:


And don't forget the public hearing on the retention of justices and judges this Thursday at 7PM in Room 11.

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