Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009

The Senate Judiciary Committee spent the morning interviewing five candidates for confirmation or reconfirmation to different positions. First, Defender General Matt Valerio was interviewed. He's been nominated by the governor for his third term in that position. I think he is now the longest serving DG. Second up was Joe Benning who was interviewed as part of the confirmation process for his seat on the Human Rights Commission. Then the committee met with three magistrates: Gartner, Hoyt, and Harlow. Each made short presentations, answered a few questions and that was it. The committee is planning to vote on its recommendations to the full Senate next Wednesday.
I'm trying to get witnesses on the schedule for the House Commerce Committee on Monday and Wednesday of next week on S. 86, the Uniform Trust Code. The committee is moving quickly to consideration of the bil the Senate just sent them ealier in the week. Maybe the legislature is saerious about a May 8th adjournment.
Word this is that the House Appropriations Committee is balking at the $1 million cut in the judiciary's budget requested by the governor. But it is still early. I think the hope is that the budget will be ready for debate at the end of next week.

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