Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday March 25th

I just returned from an 8:30 AM joint assembly on judicial retention. The general assembly heard positive reports from committee members on the retention of Judges Crawford, Teachout, VanBenthuysen, and Grearson. The vote in committee to recommend retention of each judge was 8-0. There was no floor debate. The secret ballot was taken but, in an unusual move, the joint assembly was dissolved without the votes being read. Each chamber will learn of the outcome when it convenes, the House today at 1; the Senate on Friday at 8:30 AM. I’ll try to get the vote totals later today and post them.
You may have seen today's Burlington Free Press article about the state budget issues. That article listed the judiciary's "$1 million problem". The administration and the judiciary remain about that much apart in their requests for 2010 funding. Failing to add the $1 million would result in 12 court closing days (furlough days) beginning July 1, 2009. That would include ALL employees of the judicial branch, not just those earning more than $60K per year. Now is the time to talk with your legislators and let them know that justice cannot be administered to Vermonters in that way.

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